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Safely connect industrial assets to cloud-based analytics tools and reliably replicate large databases using WebSensing’s Cloud Gateway.

Increasingly, companies are taking advantage
of the fact that industrial automation and control system data can drive operational efficiencies. Many analytic providers have emerged that ingest industrial data and extract actionable insights from it that can lead to significant productivity improvements.


With the value of industrial data on the rise,
many organizations also seek the ability to reliably replicate large databases at locations that are geographically remote from where they are created.


Unfortunately, these benefits come with implementation challenges: Industrial systems are not designed to operate with cloud servers and connecting them to the Internet increases risk. Cyber-attacks are on the rise with industry targeted by malicious hackers, disaffected employees, organized crime, and aggressive foreign competitors. Attackers are often out for more than simply access to process data: intellectual property, manufacturing details and timelines, private personal information, and corporate financial data all represent damaging leaks. Attackers have repeatedly been able to hold businesses hostage by disabling critical systems until their ransom demands are met.

The Web Sensing Cloud Gateway builds upon our Data Diode technology, wrapping dedicated servers on either side of a diode, augmenting traffic flow with our patented Turnstile technology, and isolating power domains to each side of the diode. This provides an isolation barrier with guaranteed data delivery, that stops malicious attacks back into your protected plant, either through the network or the power lines.

The Gateway lets you connect your assets to the Cloud, while keeping attackers out. It uses standard protocols so you can keep your existing control equipment yet still benefit from Cloud analytics

Form Factor

2U Rack-mount

Server Operating System

Windows or Linux

Traffic Signing & Encryption

Hardware or Software available

Power Supply

Dual 110v isolated supplies


Ethernet (10/100/1000)

Max Throughput

1Gbps Ethernet

Max Latency

50 micro-seconds


Augmented UDP, others available

Max Concurrent Sessions

Limited by throughput


Web Sensing Hardware Diode & Turnstile*

Custom Traffic Inspection


SNMP** Monitoring


*U.S. Patents 10,148,761 (Dec 4 2018), 10,389,817 (Aug 20 2019),10,616,344 (Apr 7 2020), and 10,938,913 (Mar 2 2021)
**Simple Network Management Protocol

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